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The Gift of Finished Beds

I feel like God has just shown me something brand new this morning, it’s not really new info, He’s just starting to link A LOT together from past present and future happenings, visions, words from Him, etc…I’m on a bit of an overload and I know that He’s calling me to battle through surrendering in a new way. I realized a lot of this stuff today, including some new lies that I never realized I’ve been buying into for way too long and it all became a bit too much for this girl. I decided to do what any girl like me would do when feeling a bit overwhelmed and depressed. I came home, plopped on the couch and turned on Grey’s anatomy. After that I decided what better thing to do since i was already skipping one of my classes today than go take a nap and escape in a new way for a while? God was nagging me to talk with Him about the stuff He had dropped on me like a bomb this morning and I in turn was giving him the silent treatment. As soon as I crawled into bed to take this passive aggressive nap against God I heard Brad, one of my roommates, screaming for me and his wife Audrey to come see something. He was SO excited!!! I was so annoyed!!! And yet, out of my love for my friend I got up, and slowly mustered up as much excitement as I could to go see what he was yelling about. He had finished a bed that he built from nothing. And let me tell you…he had every reason in the world to be excited about it!! It is one of the most beautiful beds I’ve ever seen! That got me off my butt and as I looked out over the river in our back yard I knew I needed to go have a little chat with God. In fact He told me I didn’t even have to talk. He just wanted to walk with me. I maneuvered through the trails and trees, threw rocks into the river and cried. A lot. I know I’m such a girl :) I can’t even begin to talk about what He’s showing me right now. But it’s gonna be good. :) I just appreciated the reminder that when God wants to talk he’ll take any opportunity He can get and today He used my friends creativity and persistence in building a bed to get me out of mine. It’s the least I could do for my king who died for me right? What is He doing to get your attention today?

  1. lindastory said: Tell Brad&Audrey I am still thinking bout them n missing them! And happy for their baby!! My love and all best wishes to them! They r one inspiring n awesome couple! Linda (from far away Latvia..they will know..) P.S. Your blog is awesome as well!
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