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This is very exciting for me :) My best friends and I went on our annual girls getaway a couple of weeks ago. We each bring something with us to share with the others when we go away together, it can be anything. A hair styling trick, a skill we can share, a Word from God for each other or the movie Bridesmaids…and we’ve done all of these. As I was thinking about what I could bring to share with the girls I realized how special it would be to all “blog” together :) So we went to a coffee shop in Sun River, snow falling outside, cozy chairs to sink into, and one of my favorite times with my closest friends playing out before my eyes :) The assignment was to find something in that coffee shop and relate it to something God was teaching us in our lives during this time. I can honestly say I have the most incredible friends ever and what they wrote spoke to me so deeply. I’m honored to share (with their hesitant permission) they’re glimpses into their hearts and what God is doing in their lives. Read on and enjoy my friends hearts as much as I do :) Love you ladies!! THP foreva! ;) 

Audrey: (Item of choice: snowboarding magazine)

The snowboarder…on the edge of an avalanche, in the ride of his life. To anyone sane, his position seems suicide, how could he possible avoid the folds of snow threatening to consume him? Yet the scene is breath-taking and deep down we all wish we had the balls to be there. He lives for this adventure. One man’s paralyzing is his coming alive. I find myself at a crossroads of choice. Life feels to me like this mountain looks at a glance – an avalanche of “how’s” that are threatening to consume me. But I’m not any given stranger, truth is, I’ve progressed to this place much like the snowboarder will have had enough practice to give him the skills to cope. Now on the edge of what seems like the biggest challenge yet, I have the choice to either shrink back in fear of my surroundings or embrace the gnarly ride that’s been laid out for me. Is this a task I must endure or is this an adventure that holds excitement and the joy God knows I’ve been wanting? I don’t have the comfortability of a safe journey ahead of me. God knows I’ve been wired differently and would rebel against the boring in some way if He didn’t intervene. He loves me enough to keep my life a rush and I’m a fool to doubt that He’s already given me what I need. This snowboarder embraces a chance for adrenaline. It’s my choice to embrace the adventure ahead. There’s joy hidden in this, heights of victory and excitement if I only stay focused. Life is only going to get bigger. There are always going to be new heights to conquer and new challenges to soar. When the avalanche comes, I want to be that crazy someone who straps themselves in and embraces the ride.

Liz: (Item of choice: Latte)

Milk, syrup, cinnamon, whipped cream; all simple ingredients used in every day life. Most of us have these things in our cupboards and don’t think twice about using them. However, when you mix these ingredients together, add heat, sprinkle on top of each other and put into a fun container it becomes a masterpiece. The creator of this drink is very intentional about what they put in/add/mix to make an incredible drink that sometimes changes lives, brings families and friends together and ignites love for the 1st time. All from simple ingredients. I think God does this with us. He takes a container (our bodies) and adds ingredients such as compassion, strength, creativity, and ives the world a gift called you! (and me). He has given us all different gifts, some that are like other peoples but when the creator mixes our gifts together and puts them in us they become uniquely ours. We become a gift to the world that can change lives, bring family and friends together and ignite love for the 1st time. Enjoy every sip of your drink!

Heather: (Item of choice: glass of water and chipped mug)


When you look at a glass of water is is filled to the middle, the debate is open to it being either half empty or half full.  It’s all a matter of perspective.  I feel like we are all born with our glasses full, to the top, overflowing.  Through life and different circumstances that was level fluctuates.  Different people take small sips, big gulps,drain us, knock us over spilling out all the water we have left.  Maybe in that spill our glasses crack and our water slowly leaks out or leaves a chip that needs fixing.  And then you have those people and circumstances that add water to your cup whether it be big amounts or small drops.  I usually find myself either thanking God or blaming God, depending on the level of water in my cup.  Blaming him when he lets bad things happen or when I am disappointed and hurt by people around me, or when he doesn’t listen to how I want something to go.  Causing me to deplete my water supply just to keep hydrated and alive.  It’s then, after the blaming God part is over and I fully trust, believe and rely on God that he fills my cup and it is not longer empty and dry, but now full.  But it usually only stays full for a season and then my annoying humanness kicks in and I allow life to start depleting my cup again, instead of allowing God to keep it full.  I’m working on it, He is working on me on it.  Right now my cup is half full, on it’s way to being overflowed.  God is slowly but surly trickling water in and helping me learn to sustain a constant flow of water.  He has helped me keep it half full and now is calling me into finding out exactly who I am, who he has created me to be.  Finding out who I am in him and him alone will be the only way to make sure my glass is never depleted.  Call on him and life is always full, a refreshing tall drink of water.

Brooke: (Item of choice: coke bottles) 

I was standing in line in a café today and noticed the cutest little coke bottles in the refrigerator section. My friend Audrey and I started commenting on how cute they were and an older man in front of us joined in the conversation as well. We started commenting on how it’s like half the amount of coke in them but how they were probably more expensive because of the packaging. I then commented that I’m a sucker for that though, and probably the reason they can get away with stuff like that because of people like me who will spend money on that. This got me thinking about how much worth we put on “packaging”…and if this is even all wrong…Is it wrong that I get excited over how things are presented if they look cute and fun? How do I know if it’s right or wrong about how much I care about my packaging? How do I present myself to others, and most importantly how do I present myself to my God? And come to think of it…how do I present God to others? Many times I’m worried that I’m presenting something fake, but I’m realizing that’s not the case. See, the coke is still the same inside even if it is being presented in a different package. Sometimes I think I need to stay the same in order for people to think that I’m not changing for others, but maybe it’s ok to have fun and present new sides of myself with the confidence that I am still who God has made me to be on the inside. So I want to embrace the fact that God sees my heart and that’s truly what matters, but that I also have “permission”, if you want to call it that, to have fun with my “packaging” and acknowledge that there is worth to a certain degree in how I present myself to the world. Part of my packaging is that I got so excited about the coke bottles. I am a whole package, inside and out and even if people think it’s silly for me to care about how I’m presented, there’s still a few of them that will buy into that presentation whether they want to or not J. I believe God uses that to allow me to relate with multiple kinds of people, and as long as my heart stays the same and true to Him, that He will give me space to change it up once in a while J. You never know who will be able to relate with me then possibly see a side to God through that that they’ve never seen before! Sometimes people can be judgmental, like the guy scoffing at the fact that the coke bottles cost more, but I think it can be very strategic and you never know what lives can be changed and touched forever! I can not relate with everyone, but I can relate with some that others will never be able to because of how I present myself.

Lord, keep my heart pure and true, while still using the way I present myself to the world to bring certain people more comfort in finding YOU!